I have been painting for over 25 years and have gradually moved away from painting in a realistic style to being more interpretive and experimental.
Arthritis forced me to give up printmaking, so I began to incorporate various gels, pastes and papers into my paintings in order to develop the textures. In some of my work I also add fabric and stitch.
Generally, I have several pieces of work in progress and often come back to a painting many times to add more paint or texture until I am happy that the painting conveys the effect I want.
Some of my current work is based on my "Hill Sheep" series. These are contemporary paintings, which are humorous, quirky and simplistic and which depict sheep in unlikely situations on hillsides or sheer rock faces. Each has its own story to tell.
I am developing a new series called "Lost Villages", again more ramshackle houses, but with an air of mystery and forgotten memories. I am also revisiting the grace and mystery of trees as I experiment with metallic leaf substrates.
I hope my paintings encourage viewers to use their own creativity and imagination to interpret the story behind each of my paintings.